5 Pro Tips to Finding Cheap Accommodation On a Family Holiday

It is rare to stumble upon holidays when the whole family is on vacation and available for a trip down on the roads. it is all fun and games when you are planning the vast cities you will get to roam in, the beautiful forests that you will come across, the historical places you will stumble upon that are embedded with the stories of the past, the eateries carrying scrumptious, juicy food that will succumb to your taste buds and the rivers whose serenity will calm your stressed mind.

But the thing that punches you down with a realistic blow is the budget that will limit you to places. The most vital thing about planning a family vacation is the accommodation. A day in a hotel that does not give everyone the creeps and is viable enough to stay, can cost you a fortune. Hence, we are here to help you create a budget that will help you travel more and spend less on accommodations:

Out of season

There comes a certain time when everyone you encounter is planning a trip down the road. In this particular season, the hotels are busy with customers and they take advantage of such a situation and charge twice their usual price. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to let the season pass and book ahead for the out of season hotels, that are comparatively cheaper.

Book the last minute

On the other hand, you could leave it till the last minute to book for hotels or self contained accommodation cairns. Pay the hotels a visit personally and haggle your way out of an expensive agreement. The owners of the hotels are most likely to give up the rooms at the last minute if there is no one else on board to battle for the bid. You can also search for discounts ahead of planning and visit the hotels for a personal bargain.


Housesit is the cheapest idea for a family vacation. You can decide upon staying at people’s homes which will not only give you a comfortable hindsight of things but offer a homely feel to your traveling plans. Moreover, there are applications like the Warm Showers who offers free beds as per demand.

House swap

Another budget friendly choice to opt for is the house swap. In this way, you can exchange your house with someone who is living where you have planned to travel to. This swapping of houses often gets you trendy destinations and expensive villas as a choice. You can go and sign up on Home Exchange to get a look at all the diverse options that the list has and match up your demands and wishes.

Budget hotels

There are certain hotels that offer discounted deals and are comparatively cheaper than the other options. The thing about these hotels. However, is that they may not serve up to the standards that you might have deemed fit but are satisfactory enough to offer the comfort they are required to provide. 


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