Aboriginal Australia

It is not only the opening to the outside that allows the horizon to expand: a return to the interior also makes discoveries, as shown by the boom in literature aboriginal. For a long time, the original inhabitants of Australia were regarded by their invaders as primitives incapable of adapting to the modern world, and thus doomed to disappear. Held for negligible amounts, they nevertheless survived on the margins of Australian society and, apart from anthropologists and a handful of administrators, no one paid much attention to them. Their culture was considered archaic and entirely irrelevant in Australia xx thcentury. They would nevertheless demonstrate the opposite. In the 1960s and 1970s, they remembered the memory of their non-native compatriots by campaigning for their civil rights and land rights, and more generally for making them more worthy of place in Australian society. At the same time, they produced artistic works of great vigor. This conjunction of politics and culture is embodi