What is Freedom Day

Meaning of Freedom Day to Australians

Do you have a special day in your country where you commemorate a certain thing that happened? Most of the countries in the world have this special day where they either remember the day their country gained independence or when it became a republic. The day comes along with celebrating the heroes and heroines who made the day come to be in the history of a specific country. Well, nations have different names for the day depending on what happened. And Freedom Day is not an exception of all that; it is that special day in the hearts of Australians. But what does it mean to them really? Well, let’s explore more.

History of Freedom Day

Way back on August 23rd in 1966, Gurindji Elders gave pressure to one industry which had taken the lands of the citizens and had been passing operations from one generation to another. The elders pressurized the industry and broke from it. The day is unforgettable in the mind of every Australian because it is the reason for their freedom and enjoyment in their land.

The Gurindji Elders had the generations to come in their hearts and they considered their lives worthless so as to give a bright future for the Australians. If they could not have broken from the oppressors, it could mean poverty which is part and parcel of oppression would be upon their children, who would become slaves. However, they took this bold step and walked from Lord Vestey’s Wave Hill Cattle Station into the unknown, and had no mind of turning back; their drive was liberation from slavery for the sake of their generation. This is the move that changed the whole of Australia and ushered the country into a new phase of freedom.

These elders fought effortlessly for the Gurindji land rights in the dreaming location of Daguragu where they built homes for their families. Daguragu is one of the communities that uphold this day as one of the most important to them in honour of their fathers who broke from their oppressors. That’s why from the 24th to 26th August every year they have what they call Freedom Day Festivals. Of course, these elders who fought for the freedom of Australians are worthy of being celebrated.

Next time you are asked what Freedom Day is in Australia, at least you will have an answer. Basically, it is the day when Australians regained freedom of owning their lands from the hands of their oppressors. The current generation always celebrates the efforts of their fathers in bringing them to current Australia. And now you can see how Australia has developed in industrialisation, globalisation, and mechanisation becoming the 2nd major producer of gold in the world. Lately, Freedom Day has become famous and many people from the world especially China and Britain travel all the way to celebrate this D-day. Fix it on your to-do list next time.